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SingPost Acquires Store Friendly Self Storage Group

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“The acquisition will increase General Storage Company’s presence across Singapore, making us the self-storage provider with the most number of facilities here (15). Customers of Store Friendly, especially those operating e-commerce businesses, will benefit from our value-added services such as parcel delivery,” noted GSC’s Group CEO Helen Ng.

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How to Build a Kite Album Launch

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How to build a kite

Featuring Lock+Store Chai Chee in Jonathan Meur’s first-ever music video “Toy Hearts”!


Asia’s Self-Storage Industry Gets Its Own Expo

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Ms Helen Ng, CEO of Lock+Store

Ms Helen Ng, CEO of Lock+Store

Asia’s foremost industry body for the business of self- storage, Self-Storage Association Asia, hosted their first Self Storage Expo Asia 2015 in Tokyo, Japan from May 13-15, 2015. Global guests and speakers united to share their extensive knowledge about today’s most lucrative alternative investment in the region most poised for opportunity and growth.
The topics were Asia-focused, taking into account what the industry has learnt about self- storage growth in other parts of the world and what obstacles countries in Asia may face. Special emphasis was given to the Singapore and Hong Kong markets on which Lock+Store CEO Helen Ng spoke.

Ms Ng who is also the Deputy Chair of the SSAA said, “This is an exciting period with tremendous growth opportunities for self-storage in Asia. Land scarcity coupled with rising affluence and a strong demand base comprising middle-income families, a sizeable expat population and thriving SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) will fuel the demand for self-storage services in key markets like Singapore and Hong Kong. Currently the penetration rate is only about 0.3 sf/person in both countries, which is significantly lower than that in more established markets such as the US and Australia. There is much room for growth. The Expo is positive for the healthy and strong growth of the industry and community, and provides a dynamic platform for industry players to get up-to-date information, business opportunities and network under one roof.”

The opportunity to learn and grow was a big theme throughout the three days. “The numbers speak for themselves and yes, the industry in Asia is teeming with opportunities for suppliers and facility owners. While Singapore may not reach 7.8 sf/person of self storage like in the US, the amalgamation of a consumer driven society and continually smaller apartments – as well as only 0.3 sf/person of self storage – means that Singapore and Hong Kong, and the rest of Asia for that matter, is poised for growth in this industry,” Ms Ng emphasised.


Store Your Art Collection At Our Fully Air-Conditioned Serangoon North Facility

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Irene Chan Lock+Store

You may have read about our Serangoon North storer Irene Chan in today’s Sunday Times. She stores her art collection with us. The monthly rate quoted is our rack/shelf rate. Call us at 1800-3703737 for substantial discounts, depending on the duration of your storage.


Lock+Store expands to Malaysia

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Photo by Arthur Lee, Singapore Press Holdings

Photo by Arthur Lee, Singapore Press Holdings

Lock+Store will open its first-ever facility in Malaysia by end September 2014.  In this interview with the Business Times, Lock+Store’s CEO Helen Ng shares her plans to export the Lock+Store management model regionally.


Budget Forum in Mandarin: Lock+Store CEO Helen Ng Gives Feedback from SME’s Perspective

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Lock+Store’s CEO Helen Ng participated in the Budget Forum  recording at MediaCorp yesterday, and gave her feedback from an SME’s perspective.  The Budget Forum in Mandarin will be aired on Channel 8 on Thursday, 27 Feb 2014 at 10.30pm.  Click here for more information.


Fiscal Year-End Closing Drives Storage Boxes Demand in Singapore

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Come December and January each year, self-storage company Lock+Store would see a surge of about 100 percent in the demand for its boxes from small and medium enterprises (SMEs).  The demand comes not just from companies closing their books, but also from households preparing for their annual springcleaning.

Typically the SMEs would order about 30 to 50 boxes at a go for their whole year’s storage needs. They use the boxes for files and documents,” said Ms Helen Ng, Chief Executive Officer of Lock+Store.  Companies are also increasingly looking beyond self-storage for customised and integrated services. Ms Ng said, “SMEs expect more than just basic self-storage. They are increasingly looking at specialised document storage services with shelving, and integrated services such as transport and packaging (boxes).”

Annual springcleaning sparks boxes demand

The strong year-end demand for boxes at Lock+Store is also fueled by another key demographic group – household storers with “seasonal” items such as winter clothes and festive decorations, and families whose children have outgrown their books and toys. Householders, however, are usually less clear about their boxes requirements.

Ms Ng said, “We often find flustered householders coming back to us again and again because they have underestimated their storage requirements or do not know how to store bulky items like Christmas lights and trees.  Unlike office documents, household items come in different shapes and sizes.”

To help companies and households kickstart their annual office storage and springcleaning, respectively, Lock+Store has published a self-storage eguide at Lock+Store will organise an open house on Saturday, 18 Jan 2014 from 12 noon to 5 pm at its Tanjong Pagar facility for the public to view its lockers and storage units (24 and 48 sqft).

Boxing” tips

Here are five quick “boxing” tips from Lock+Store:

1. Always choose boxes of the same size so you can stack them easily

2. Always label the boxes so you know where to locate your items in future.

3. Sort out documents by type and year. Put them into envelopes and pack them into boxes. Be sure to label the boxes

4. When storing your Christmas tree, prepare some newspaper and raffia string. First, disassemble the Christmas tree. Next, wrap up the different sections with newspaper and tie them with raffia string. Store the bundles in a box. Wrap all Christmas baubles and decorations in bubble wrap. Stack them into boxes layer by layer. Separate each layer with newspaper.

5. When storing stuffed toys, pack them into bags. Pop a mothball into each bag. Box up the bags. Insert silica gel packs into the box before sealing it.