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Largest Network of Self-Storage Facilities in SG

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Week 6 Quiz Winner

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Week 6 was all about wine storage and most of you got the answers right!

The winner of a pair of movie tickets is Ong Kha Yen  (SXXXX314F).  Congrats!  Our colleague will be in touch soon.

To recap, here’re the benefits of storing wine at Lock+Store:

Kept at constant 13℃
Kept at 70-75% relative humidity
Controlled lighting
Digital CCTV recording
Designed to minimise handling
Free 24/7 access to your wines
Various sizes from 36 cases – 300 cases capacity
Free wine tasting room
Wine deliveries accepted on your behalf


Investment in fine wine takes flight

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In local news reporting, following stories of investors being cheated in wine investment scams, there would always be one redemptive story about lucky investors making tons of money from their wine investments. In today’s Straits Times, Managing director of wine brokerage Australian Wine Index (AWI), Mr Andrew Bassett is quoted as saying that “three out of four of his 3,000 clients are Singaporeans.” Among the storers are doctors, surgeons, lawyers and the odd hawker stall owners and taxi drivers. His company has a staggering $80 million worth of wines stored here.

Singapore investors have a penchant for red wine and are also partial to French wine.

The returns? About “12 per cent to 14 per cent per annum prior to the global financial crisis,” according to Mr Basett. I’m sure we are more interested in returns in the current economic climate.

That said, industry commentators are skeptical, and have warned of “risks as wine is not the most liquid of assets, and investors may find it hard to find buyers.

And the price of wine is ‘governed by weather, sun and rainfall, and the whims and fancies of wine critics’, said local wine expert George Wong.

Investors may see the value of their assets falling, not rising.”

Like what they always say about property, invest in what you can live with, and in the case of wine, invest in what you enjoy drinking. Click here for wine storage options.


The Best Position to Store Wine

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Which is the best position to store your precious wine collection? According to experts, we should store wine horizontally so that the wine remains in contact with the cork. Keeping the cork moist would prevent it from drying out. If the wine bottle is kept upright, the cork would dry out and shrink over time, thus letting in oxygen which would age the wine rapidly. The wine level in the bottle would also drop due to evaporation.

What are some other wine storage tips you could share with our readers? Feel free to comment here. Don’t forget to check out Lock+Store’s wine storage facility.


World’s Costliest Bottle of Wine Sold for £75,000

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The world’s costliest bottle of white wine, the 1811 Château d’Yquemhas, has just been sold for £75,000.  Here’s the full story:

Some of our clients store their precious wine collections at Lock+Store.  You too can safeguard your wine collection with us.  Here’s how.