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What memories do you wish to keep?

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We came across an interesting advertisement in today’s newspapers.  A condominium developer was promoting their window seat-cum-storage to help Singaporeans store their stash of love letters and other precious memories.  This brings to mind one of our storers who keeps boxes and boxes of newspaper cuttings.  Her dream is to write a book based on the historical facts contained in her collection.  How romantic!

What memories do you wish to keep?  And what do you think of the quaint bay window seat below?


This week’s movie tickets winner is Chendra DG.  Congratulations!  Our colleague will be in touch with you shortly.  Click here to take part in our self-storage survey!




Small spaces, Big ideas in SquareRooms Magazine

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SquareRooms magazine has just launched their March issue which features quotations by our CEO Helen Ng on decluttering your living space.  What we love are the big ideas for small spaces.  If you own a small apartment, look out for the stylishly designed 400 sqft studio in their “At A Glance” column!



Smaller Living Spaces, Ingenious Storage Ideas

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Lianhe Zaobao published an article citing the recent controversy over smaller living spaces in Singapore.  As a result, Singaporeans have been resorting to ingenious methods to store their household items, such as buying beds that come equipped with storage space.  Here’s a video that showcases several ingenious ideas by Resource Furniture:


Helen Ng, CEO of Lock+Store was also quoted in the article as saying that there are 5% more small-apartment dwellers storing their belongings at Lock+Store’s facilities in Tanjong Pagar and Chai Chee year-on-year.  Currently, about 68% of the storers at Lock+Store are households storers.


Women & Shoes

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Like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City, you may have more shoes than friends. In which case you would probably appreciate an efficient shoe storage system. We found something online that may appeal to you, especially if you’re a busy grab-and-go executive. Click here for more details!


Self-Storage Tips for Bicycle Owners

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The popular online cycling forum/news site Togoparts has kindly featured Lock+Store in its latest newsletter. Here’re some quick self-storage tips for bicycle owners:

– Keep your bicycles dry. This means storing them away from moisture, which can rust chains or crack tires. Lock+Store’s air-conditioned facilities are at 70-80 % RH (Relative Humidity); their wine storage areas are maintained at a constant 65-70% RH
– When storing your bicycles, hang them to free up space and remove pressure from the tires and joints
– Clean the bicycles before you place them in storage. Remove mud and lumps of congealed grease from the wheel hubs, pedals, joints, brakes, gears and the teeth of the chain. Lubricate the moving parts thoroughly with oil or grease to prevent corrosion.
– Protect your bicycle from dust or sunlight with a cover. Here’s a shop listing by Togoparts.

Do you have any bicycle storage tips to share? Feel free to comment!


New Ikea Catalogue Provides Useful Storage Tips

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The new Ikea catalogue provides useful storage tips for those who have simply too many things to store. Click here for the link in Today.

Another way is to store your excess household items at one of our two facilities. Click here for the “Win free storage” contest – you could walk away with six months’ worth of free storage.


Self Storage Can Help Reduce Allergy Risk

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Are you allergic to dust mites and pet dander? If your home is cluttered with furniture and other household items, you may increase you and your children’s risk of allergies. Stuffed toys, books, carpets and mattresses are common culprits. One way to reduce allergies is to replace carpets with wood flooring. Wiping your mattress daily with a damp cloth, and vacuuming the floor and furniture daily are also highly recommended. Or you could adopt a minimalist look and store your excess household items at one of our two facilities. Click here for quick storage tips. One of our customers stores her children’s toys with us as she’s aware that children are susceptible to dust mites, and home-based allergens can trigger or aggravate childhood asthma.

Do you have any allergy-busting tips to share? Feel free to tell us here!