From Accountant to Board Game Start-up Founder

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Christina Ng, 34, founder of board game company Starting Player, used to have a 9 to 5 job as an accountant before she started her own business in December 2012. Her passion for board games, however, was sparked in 2009 when she met her husband Yeo Keng Leong, 39. Their dates centred mostly around board games. They were also avid board game collectors. In 2011, Christina decided to quit her full-time job and design a board game that would combine her husband’s flair for Chinese history and her thirst for intellectual stimulation. That was how they came up with the idea for Three Kingdoms Redux, a board game based on the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong, and historical text Records of the Three Kingdoms. Christina explains that the current crop of Three Kingdoms-themed boardgames focus more on the military aspect. One of the most important and intriguing themes of the story was the natural balance of power between the three states of Shu, Wu and Wei. Power not only in the military sense, but also from the economic and social perspectives. Her husband thought the Three Kingdoms theme could be enhanced by including these other elements. These form the backbone of Three Kingdoms Redux as a eurogame that focuses on strategy.

It took Christina and Keng Leong four years to research, design, playtest, manufacture and launch the board game in 20 November 2014. Like a growing number of start-ups in Singapore, she opted to operate the business out of a self-storage facility. She decided to rent a 121 sqft unit at Lock+Store Tanjong Pagar to store more than 2000 sets of the boardgame. Since the boardgame’s launch, Christina has been receiving queries and orders from gaming enthusiasts from both Singapore and overseas. Three Kingdoms Redux has been nominated in the 20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2014 competition on Christina and Keng Leong aim to develop different varieties of games in the future but due to the long gestation process from conceptualisation to launch, she will focus on marketing Three Kingdoms Redux for the time being. 

Three Kingdoms Redux retails for SGD 70 and each copy of the game will come with a free limited-edition illustration booklet (while stocks last). Visit or email to order.


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