Lock+Store CEO Appointed Deputy Chair of First-Ever Asia Self-Storage Association

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SSAA New Board

The Self Storage Association Asia announced its launch and new board establishment at the Self Storage Expo Asia 2014 in Hong Kong.

The board, representing operators and industry suppliers from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan endorsed its executive for a provisional Board for the first year. Newly signed members are from those countries as well as the UK, Australia and The Philippines. Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian and operators from other countries have expressed an interest in joining the organisation and bringing its presence into their markets.

“My regional colleagues and I are honoured to accept this responsibility to provide a platform for industry players to learn from each other, share best practices and raise industry standards,” according to Helen Ng, the newly elected Deputy Chair. “Rapid industry growth will drive interest from investors and entrepreneurs as Asia’s growing consumer class discovers the convenience of self storage.”

The key Board members are:

Chair: Mr. Jon Perrins, Executive Chairman, Steel Storage Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)

Deputy Chair: Ms. Helen Ng, CEO, Lock+Store (Singapore)

Treasurer: Ms. Marilyn Leslie, President, Minico Asia Limited (Hong Kong)

The Self Storage Association of Asia will provide industry statistics, networking opportunities, legal documentation and industry news for members in the first year and build out more services over time. Headquartered in Hong Kong, it will provide services for people in Asia, and interested in Asia, to help grow the industry.

“The potential of this industry is massive. It is growing quickly from a low base and has a long way to go to match penetration rates in developed markets like the US, EU and Australia,” says Chair Jon Perrins. “Our association is happy to work with successful self storage associations around the world to bring the best of class to Asian operators seeking to exploit this exciting new market.”


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