Lock+Store Nurtures Young Talent From Republic Polytechnic

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Lock+Store was interviewed by Today regarding the internship process in the wake of the recent Budget announcements on schemes to help SMEs recruit young talents.

We are pleased to welcome our Dorcas, our first-ever intern from Republic Polytechnic.  We interviewed Dorcas on her course of study and her career hopes and aspirations:


Q1.  What course are you currently pursuing at Republic Polytechnic?

I am currently studying Consumer Behaviour and Research in the Centre of Enterprise and Communication under Republic Polytechnic.

Q2.  What do you hope to do after you graduate?

With my course having a business, psychology and research aspect, I aim to further my studies in any of these aspects after graduation with a Diploma in a local university as I want to be close to home.

 Q3.  How are you applying your academic knowledge at Lock+Store?

It gives a realistic view to everything that we equip ourselves with during lessons. This internship mainly concentrates on Marketing. For example, during one of the earlier classes we were taught to narrow down our target audiences so as to create a more effective outreach towards them. During internship, students would be able to see how much knowing your target audience would affect your outreach efforts and their effectiveness. Republic Polytechnic creates life scenarios for us to practice our concepts on during lessons (PBL learning), and internships give us exposure to such situations, with more considerations that we might have overseen. The knowledge that we get during classes are then reinforced during internship at Lock+Store, The internship gives us the hands on experience that we lack in a school environment, which makes me really grateful for the opportunity to see how the concepts and applications we learn get applied to companies and businesses.

Q4.  What do you hope to learn during your internship at Lock+Store?

Mainly it is about absorbing whatever that comes your way I guess. This is my first internship so everything feels new to me. However, I look forward to seeing the plans that may have been discussed in classes to come to life in a proper setting like this. Republic Polytechnic encourages breeding of ideas, however it is of a rare occurrence to see them develop fully. I’m really grateful that Republic Polytechnic allows the internship experience at our first year, it recreates the drive for us to push harder in our studies due to the fact that we witness things that are hard to be explained in a class setting. What I hope to learn is to gain a different and more holistic view of businesses, and ultimately share the experiences that I have in this internship with others that lack the opportunity.


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