SMU Shirin Fozdar Conference – Women in the Community

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Our CEO Ms Helen Ng was invited to be a panelist at this year’s SMU Shirin Fozdar Conference – Women in the Community.  She contributed to the panel discussion on women in business.  During the hour-long session, the panelists and members of the audience interacted in a dynamic environment of thought-provoking discussions related to the role of women in business.  Is it the role of business to create conducive working environments for women?  Should women business leaders and senior executives mentor other women?  Helen spoke about the “myth” of work life balance.  As a mother of two girls, she feels that there is no way to strike an effective balance – one is either devoted to one’s career or to one’s children.  You can’t have your cake and eat it too.  This does not mean she doesn’t love her kids.  She makes sure she spends quality time with them whenever she can, such as taking time off work for the “mandatory” bi-annual family vacation and attending the all-important orientation session with her youngest daughter who just entered Primary 1.  She feels it’s important to demonstrate, through her own career example, that a married women with kids can self-actualise as a CEO too – a woman’s professional life should not end with child bearing.

At work, Helen has created a fair and family friendly work environment.  She understands if her female employee has to leave work early each day so as to pick her child up from school, as long as the latter makes up for it by coming to work earlier each day (so as to be fair to her other colleagues).  When she first started out in the essentially male-dominated self-storage industry, her peers were disdainful of her perceived lack of experience.  But since taking over the helm of Lock+Store in 2010, Helen has not only successfully carved a reputation for herself as an industry opinion leader, but also expanded Lock+Store’s floor space.  Recently, an additional 50,000 sqft of storage space were added to Lock+Store’s Chai Chee facility.  As a “women in self-storage”, Helen has helped transform the drab and dull image of traditional warehousing to one that’s trendy, practical and accessible.

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