Go Eco This Christmas with The Naturally Better Company!

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Go eco this Christmas with The Naturally Better Company’s wide range of household products such as detergents and soap.  Started by sisters Sharon and Joyce Tay, and based at Millennial Walk, the company is rapidly gaining “green” converts.  Apart from individual items, the company will offer gift baskets packed with goodies at the Lock+Store Christmas Market 2012.  Make the eco-friendly choice this Christmas!

Here’s what the founders have to share about their company:

The Naturally Better Company is an eco-luxury boutique specialising in the world’s leading healthier + non-toxic + sustainable beauty brands, fashion & accessories that really work!

An exclusive Naturally Better Beauty Bar complements the retail boutique, offering professional non-toxic nail services and certified organic facial treatments from leading beauty brands to pamper you from head to toe.

Choose NaturallyBetterTM products … healthier + non-toxic + sustainable!

 healthier & safer ingredients

 no toxic chemicals

 biodegradable & earth friendly
 certified organic
 against animal testing
 vegan
 fair trade & natural ingredients

 outstanding performance

We continuously incorporate low-carbon habits and green practices in our work environment. By working with brands that use premium natural and organic ingredients, we support responsible and ethical farming practices around the world. We also regularly work with like-minded companies and charities in promoting environmental, health and social issues.

Our Story …
It began with a simple idea – to lead a greener and healthier lifestyle using products that are kind to the environment and our health. In search of safer and healthier products for our personal use after experiencing health problems, we soon realised the products available in stores were either very expensive, delivered no visible results or were not very appealing. We were also alarmed to learn that many products contained loads of harmful ingredients, even products that were labelled ‘natural’ and ‘organic’.

Through our research and passion, we hand-picked results-driven brands from around the world based on our strict criteria and “…if it’s not safe enough for our own use and compromises performance, we will not recommend it!”. We made a conscious effort to source products from ethical companies that manufacture safer and sustainable products without the use of harmful toxic chemicals. These brands also support our belief that healthier products can be luxurious and highly effective too!

With each small step taken, we can have peace of mind for our health and the future of our planet, naturally!


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