Security of Your Self-Storage Unit

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The security of safe deposit boxes and self-storage units recently came into the spotlight when the customers of a firm providing safe deposit box services reported that their belongings had been stolen.  Investigations are still underway.  The Straits Times interviewed Lock+Store about the security of our storage units.

Here’s what Ms Helen Ng, CEO of Lock+Store, has to say, “Storers can only access our storage facilities using secure access cards.  They use their own locks to secure their storage units so only they can access their units at all times.  Adding on to the security level, each access card can only permit entry to the level where the storer’s unit is located. This means other levels on our facilities will be out-of-bounds to the storer. On top of that, we have CCTVs located across our facility and a security guard on-site 24/7 to patrol and assist our storers.

The storers are responsible for the security of their own belongings, as stated in the terms of the contract. The company holds no liability for any incidents of loss or theft. However, under our contractual terms, our storers are insured of at least $1,500 for any incidents of loss or theft.  To increase their insurance coverage for their items placed at our facility, the storer can approach our insurance provider or their preferred insurance provider for additional coverage. This will be a private insurance coverage between the storer and the insurance provider.”


Winner of lucky draw movie tickets

This week’s winner is Mohamed Imran.  Congrats!  Our colleague will be in touch with you shortly!


Lock+Store would like to wish our Muslim fans Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!  Happy celebrations and thank you for storing with us!



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