Shoebox apartments: “Inhuman” or Cosy?

In News flash on June 20, 2012 by Lock+Store Tagged: , , ,

Over the past week, Singapore private residential developers were locked in arms over the size issue of shoebox units. The demonising of units below 500 sq ft clouds the benefits of having such units available in the market. One such benefit is giving newly-married couples, dual income couples with no kids (DINK), singles and early-nesters the opportunity to own an affordable, value-added property.

The issue of space is relative. One can own a 5-room HDB flat but realise that there is “not enough” space. Why? The house is filled to the brim with clutter! Yet, one can own a shoebox apartment but still feel that the space is sufficient for daily living. It often boils down to how this issue of space is managed and organised. Things that are not in use, collectibles and sentimental heirlooms, can be stored elsewhere in a safe environment where they can be easily retrieved. You only take what you need into your unit.

The availability of self-storage facilities, and the growing number of self-storage facilities, means that there is an alternative avenue, or space, for people who feel the need to free up some room in their house. Self-storage facilities have become ancillary to shoebox units and help resolve the debate on shoebox apartments being “inhuman”.


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