Week 10’s Quiz Winner

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Here’s the winner of week 10’s quiz: Tan Fuan Cho (SXXXX175I).  Congrats!  Lock+Store will be in touch with you shortly.


Shoebox apartments are gaining widespread popularity in Singapore.  Ever wondered how it’s possible to squeeze furniture into such small apartments?

Well, as the image above shows, such apartments are perfectly livable if you use the right furniture.  Furniture these days serve multiple functions – chairs can double as tables and vice versa; beds can accommodate storage space too!

Choose your furniture wisely and you could luxuriate in any apartment, however small!


3 Responses to “Week 10’s Quiz Winner”

  1. I live is what seems to be shoebox appartment, and I am nowhere near Singapore. The only way I was able to make it all work was to get some personal storage, for the rest of my stuff. Industrial Storage Oxnard This place really worked out well for me.

    • Thanks for sharing Chris. Shoebox apartments are increasingly popular in Singapore – so it’s either we throw out the excess stuff or store them somewhere else. I can’t bear to part with my books, so I guess I’ll have to use self-storage!

  2. There’s even a place now in Singapore who specializes in only affordable multi-functional or transforming furniture for shoebox/studio/soho apartments. It’s called Spaceman, website is have wall beds, coffee tables convert to dining tables etc

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