Storage space for shoebox apartments

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Shoebox apartments today come equipped with either a tiny storage area or none at all.  Yet shoebox apartments are still quite popular among buyers.  A shoebox apartment is defined as a private home less than 506 sq ft in size.  According to yesterday’s Business Times,  the SRPI index which tracks prices of completed non-landed shoebox apartments “has climbed 10.1 per cent year to date.  The Overall SRPI has appreciated 7.3 per cent year to date.”

As more shoebox apartments come onto the market, we foresee the prices would correct downwards to reflect the oversupply and worsening global economic conditions.  The demand for self-storage units would however increase as more owner occupiers or tenants seek to store their household belongings externally.  Lock+Store’s flexible lease terms (from two weeks to as long as the tenants like) give storers the flexibility to shift in and out of the storage units without the burden of a lengthy year-long or even month-long commitment.

Do you intend to use self-storage space for your personal belongings within the next six months?  Share your thoughts!


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