SME Showcase: Grandeur Fai

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Grandeur Fai specialises in wedding photography and costumes.  They have been storing their photography equipment, made-to-measure bridal costumes and accessories over a 3000 sq ft space at Lock+Store Chai Chee since January 2011.

Mr Ahmad Faisal owner of Grandeur Fai says, “In my line of work, we use a lot of accessories, hairstyling products, photography equiment and make-up items. I can’t store these items at home, neither is it cost efficient to store them in a conventional office space. This is what makes the Chai Chee facility so unique – I can store my equipment there and also use it as a meeting point for my clients. It gives me the three-in-one benefits of flexibility, convenience and affordability that I cannot find elsewhere.”

Click here to interact with Grandeur Fai on Facebook.

If you are a current user of our facilities and would like to be featured here, feel free to email us at


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