Self-storage gets sexy – or at least tries to

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We posted the first clip of this series of Youtube videos last week because we thought it was funny and inventive. Here’s the second clip:

How does one rejuvenate the stale and musty self-storage industry? These videos by Storage Outlet in the US try to inject some sexiness into an otherwise dull industry. Unfortunately, the message, if there’s one at all, gets submerged in all the cheesiness. You end up wondering – what’s the point of the video? Perhaps that’s the intention – to spark a conversation about self storage with no other agenda. In marketing communications, we don’t always need to have key messages. Sometimes, just making people sit up and say, “Hey! That’s self storage” is enough, especially if you’ve been invisible all along.

What do you think? How can we make self-storaqe “sexier”? Or are you of the camp that wants us to just leave your self storage space alone?


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