Self-Storage Tips for Bicycle Owners

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The popular online cycling forum/news site Togoparts has kindly featured Lock+Store in its latest newsletter. Here’re some quick self-storage tips for bicycle owners:

– Keep your bicycles dry. This means storing them away from moisture, which can rust chains or crack tires. Lock+Store’s air-conditioned facilities are at 70-80 % RH (Relative Humidity); their wine storage areas are maintained at a constant 65-70% RH
– When storing your bicycles, hang them to free up space and remove pressure from the tires and joints
– Clean the bicycles before you place them in storage. Remove mud and lumps of congealed grease from the wheel hubs, pedals, joints, brakes, gears and the teeth of the chain. Lubricate the moving parts thoroughly with oil or grease to prevent corrosion.
– Protect your bicycle from dust or sunlight with a cover. Here’s a shop listing by Togoparts.

Do you have any bicycle storage tips to share? Feel free to comment!


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