Use of QR Code in Self Storage

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QR or Quick Response codes are squares of black and white dots which, when scanned by a smartphone, direct the user to a specific site such as a website or payment site. Currently, only less than 10% of consumers worldwide make use of QR codes, but the technology is rapidly gaining new converts as it offers unmatched convenience and time savings.

For the self-storage industry, the use of QR codes for payment, for example, could reduce the reliance on physical kiosks, which translates into significant time and cost savings.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how it all works. If you’re a SME owner, you may find this technology useful too.


2 Responses to “Use of QR Code in Self Storage”

  1. I agree this is huge in Japan and growing in the states, we have just generated codes for our home,feedback & contact us pages.

    Thanks for the post

    Parrett Storage

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