SME Showcase: Squirrel Little house

In SME Exchange on August 11, 2011 by Lock+Store

We got to know of Squirrel Little house when they participated in our ongoing “Win free storage” contest. They’re an eco-friendly startup that distributes designer stationery made in Europe, Australia and certain American brands. Ever heard of Smencils? They are the world’s only gourmet scented pencils and pens made of 100% recycled newspapers and recycled plastic.

Here’re some of the delicious stationery they distribute:

Space is often an issue for start-ups and SMEs distributing products, but with Lock+Store’s flexible storage plans and unit sizes, the lack of space is now a thing of the past. Lock+Store is also the only all-in-one office-cum-self storage facility in Singapore. This means you can rent a small office right next to your storage unit.

Here are some photos of Squirrel Little house’s packing process. Looks like they had a lot to pack but eventually, they managed to arrange their stationery in trays stacked neatly on shelves.


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