Win six months’ worth of free storage!

In Contests on July 24, 2011 by Lock+Store

Do you need additional storage space for your household items?  Tell us what items you need to store and you could walk away with six months’ worth of free storage space (25sq ft with height of 2.7m).  Terms and conditions apply.*

*Terms and conditions:

– The contest will run from now until the end of August

– Two lucky winners will be picked and the winners will be announced in early September

– Winners are entitled to six months’ worth of non-air conditioned free storage space at Lock+Store’s Tanjong Pagar facility.  The rental period is finalised from 1 September 01 to 29 February 02.

– The judges’ decision is final


18 Responses to “Win six months’ worth of free storage!”

  1. Hello! These are the individuals who first posted their comments on Facebook. Please feel free to comment about what you would like to store for a chance to win six-months’ worth of free storage space. You have until the end of August this year!

    Jerilyn Ann Lo I have many books that are taking up too much space on my shelves, it would be good to have an additional storage space for them.
    29 June at 17:46 

    Chuang Xiu’Er I have books, bags, motorcycle paraphernalia 🙂
    05 July at 22:53 

    Sunita Nazri My parents need storage for furnitures, luggage bags, kitchen stuffs.. All these are taking up lots of space in our current house.. 🙂
    07 July at 10:55 

    Wendy Hau running a business with toys related, would be great if there will be available space for us. I’m loaded with goods at home! T.T
    13 July at 20:32 

    Hwee Teng Lee Want to store unused books and office stuff, and my stocks which still need to be accessed frequently.
    Monday at 11:04 

  2. We have been using Lock and Store at Tanjong Pagar for close to three months now. Being a start up it is always great to have a chance to cut our costs and use the funds to develop something new and better for the benefit of our customers. I do hope we can win the 6 months worth of storage for free that would really help us out in giving our customers something better 🙂

    • Hi there! Thanks for your comments. We hope your experience at Tanjong Pagar has been good thus far! Would you like to give us an idea of what your company does and what you would like to store? Good luck!

  3. We are a start up that distributes novelty stationery, so I think most of our stuff is currently stocked at Popular and it’s subsidiaries, Urban Write and Prologue.

    So far our experience at Tanjong Pagar has been great. We were at Extra Space at Eunos link previously however I think in terms of elevator usage, Tanjong Pagar is ALOT faster hahaha.

    So currently the facilities at Tanjong Pagar are really just used to store all of our inventory since it is central and makes it easier to move items to any part of Singapore.


  4. Hi Store Lock,
    I need a secret place where I can stash my car accessories. These are the mufflers, coilover, rims and other accessories, away from my wife’s knowledge. 🙂
    I also have a water feature, that comes with bricks and fiber pond.

  5. Singapore’s housing unit is getting smaller by the years and unfortunately the things that my family buys just keep piling up. Being the garanguni that I am, I tend not to throw things away due to sentimental reasons, and I am a sentimental person. Lock Store would be a great opportunity to park my stuff there, until I save enough for a bigger place. A 6-months free trial definitely will allow me to see if the set-up is appropriate for me *wink wink*. But meanwhile, my sentiments will just have to continue to pile up….

  6. I would like to store my personal belongings which I just moved out from my parent’s place. There are 16 jumbo boxes sitting in my balcony staring at me each day I come home. My wife is going to strangle me if I try to squeeze these boxes under our bed consisting of childhood toys, books, magazines, photo albums, motorcycle helmet collections, coke paraphernalia, used car parts and my off road driving gear (tents, inflatable beds, recovery straps, jacks…) The list goes on and i had better stop before I get banned for ranting too much. Cheers. Thanks in advance to Lock + Store for sponsoring this 6 months of free storage.

  7. The things, that I buy, keeps accumulating although I have try to stop myself from buying more. Being a hoarder, I tend not to throw things away due to sentimental reasons, and always having the mentality that I need those things for future usage. Lock and Store would be a great place to store my stuff there. Given the convenient location, this is another plus point that I would consider renting a unit even if I’m not the winner of the 6-months free trial. Cheers! Lock & Store..I’m coming..

  8. As my flat is turning into a Library, Music Studio & Board Game shop, need more space to store books, guitars & board games! haha! Vic

  9. Hi I wish to win free storage because my parents had to sell their house to avoid eviction and thus my big family had to split into two house. My mum, dad , younger sis at my first sister’s house while 3 more siblings and a nephew had to cramped in my 3 room flat along with me , my daughter and hubby. I wish for extra space to make an additional room from my service balcony to make a small room for my sis. Doesn’t feel right for her to cramp with the boys.

  10. Oh yes I forgot to say that I need to store, household items. Thnx.

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